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Open Questions to be Resolved

  • Is there a pathogenic hypothesis that explains some or all of these
    clinical phenotypic observations?
  • Can we define objective (genetic) diagnostic biomarkers for cases vs
  • Does diagnosis based on symptoms include diverse pathologies?

Ongoing Research Subjects

  • Infection or infectious-like illness as a trigger for the disease
  • Chronic activation of cellular immunity, followed by cellular exhaustion of
    the immune system
  • The production of autoantibodies
  • The role of abnormal energy metabolism, oxidative and nitrosative stress in
    the cellular compartments such as mitochondria
  • CNS involvement by genetic and imaging studies including MRI, PET, EEG
    and monitoring of neuroendocrine pathways
  • Monitoring of neuroinflammation in basal ganglia and calcium signaling
  • Dysbiosis involving gut microbiome leading to neuroinflammation
  • Treatment effectiveness and side effects
  • BBB

Research Collaborations with EXPAND

If you are interested to collaborate on research with EXPAND, The European Immuno-neuropsychiatric Association, contact the coordinator of our Scientific and Medical Advisory Board at:

See “EXPAND Research Collaborations” below for our current research.

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