Prof. Rajat Gupta


Professor Gupta graduated from Manchester Medical School and completed
his National Grid training in Paediatric Neurology in the Mersey
Deanery.  He was appointed Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at
Birmingham Children’s Hospital in October 2004.  He leads the Paediatric
Neurorehabilitation Service at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  In
addition to neurorehabilitation, his areas of special interest include
epilepsy, cerebral palsy, headache, neuro-ophthalmology,
neuro-inflammatory disorders and the neurological complications of
Wolfram Syndrome.  He has conducted research, published and presented on
these topics.

He is a medical advisor for the charity Corpal, which provides support
to children and adults (and their families) with dysgenesis of the
corpus callosum.

Professor Gupta is also passionate about medical education and training
and is a faculty member of numerous courses.  He is the Head of Clinical
Teaching Academy for the University of Birmingham Medical School and
Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  He is the Medical Director for the
Independent Pharmacy Prescriber Course at Aston University.  He is the
Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of the Institute of Health and
Neurodevelopment at Aston University and was appointed Honorary
Professor of Paediatric Neurology at Aston University in 2011.  In December

2021, he was also appointed Honorary Professor in the Institute of
Clinical Sciences in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the
University of Birmingham.  He is Regional Co-Lead (West Midlands) and
Area Officer (Midlands), for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.