Gilles Sindic

Gilles Sindic earned his Master’s degree in electrical engineering from ISMRa  in Caen, France and PhD in electrical engineering at the Technical University Vienna, Austria. He spent many years as a research engineer at Siemens Corporate Research, Munich and at Elf Geosciences Research Center, London. He has worked at the European Patent Office (EPO) since 1997 as a principal patent examiner in the area of video streaming and virtual reality; and then as a business/data analyst/scientist. He served five years on a  bilateral European Patent Office-U.S. Patent and Trademark Office team. During this time, he cofounded and was a member of the European Patent Office-U.S. Patent and Trademark Office CPC Joint Editorial Board. He is currently busy with the implementation of Business Intelligence and International Cooperation strategic projects.

Gilles is a French national.  He speaks French, German, Dutch and English. He has strong multicultural skills in European cultures, American culture and some experience with Japanese culture. Gilles is married and appreciates being an involved parent. He served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the American School of The Hague for six years, where the school community is comprised of families of more than 70 nationalities.

His hobbies include architecture, surfing, paddling, snowboarding, biking and traveling.  He has friends connected to the PANS/PANDAS community. He hopes to help them and other families in their situation by putting his analytical skills, technical know-how and Board experience to use helping EXPAND achieve its goals.