Geir Rune Karlinger SANE-Norway

I was born in 1970 and live with my wife in Oslo, Norway. We have five children, of which four are now adults and have left the nest. We have a daughter who became seriously ill in 2008 after a streptococcal infection. She had severe mental symptoms, as well as some physical ones. Psychiatry insisted that this was schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. We thought this must be a somatic disorder, as there were always physical symptoms prior to the onset of mental symptoms. in 2014, she was diagnosed with PANS / PANDAS, the first in Norway. From being very ill, with many psychoses, major weight loss, etc., it is incredibly nice to see how healthy she is today. Now she has moved out to her own apartment, works a few days a week and studies! She is still receiving treatment. My wife co-founded the association SANE Norway in 2015, an interest association for relatives who have children with PANS / PANDAS / Autoimmune encephalitis , and is still a board member. I was eventually also elected as a board member, and have been chairman for the past year. I work as a General Manager in the Norwegian department in an international logistics company, and have held management positions within logistics for 20 years.