Dr. W.H.L. “Allan” Schornagel

Allan is a Dutch national, who works in the Netherlands as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in the outpatient clinic GGZ-Delfland, in Delft, and at Kinderpraktijk in Zoetermeer.

Early in his career, Allan worked at a clinic for adolescents with severe psychiatric problems. This was followed by many years seeing patients in his own private practice. More recently, he worked at various outpatient institutions providing regular and forensic psychiatric consultations.

Allan serves as an advisor and provides staff training and development for Villa Abel, an organization that provides in-home study support for students with an autistic disorder.

Allan became interested in PANS/PANDAS after accepting a patient into his private practice, who was diagnosed in the USA with PANS. He was struck by the complexity of the condition and by the fact that he was completely unaware of the existence of this syndrome, as appeared to be the case for many medical and mental health practitioners in the Netherlands.

As a member of the EXPAND Foundation, Allan is particularly interested to contribute to the establishment of an institution where parents and their children, who present with symptoms congruent with PANS/PANDAS, are heard and can be helped.